“A New Paradigm of Education”

This book is a MUST READ for educators, parents and mentors.

It's a collection of stories, resources and insights written by eight educators, parents and psychologists.

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What does a new way of education look-like?
What’s not working in education anymore?
How can we all make changes to education to help our children and students?

This book provides insights from educators, psychologists, language coaches, parents and mentors, as interviews, stories and useful resources. It has solutions for the essential upgrading of educational settings, including world-schooling, mainstream schools, home-schools, colleges and TEFL/ESL education. A New Paradigm of Education, is an insight into how education can rapidly change to serve all students’ highest good, as well as a very overdue and necessary advancement of education as a whole. You will discover:

  • Valuing children for who they are
  • Helping students to fall in love with education
  • Holistic learning using EQ, IQ and Mindfulness
  • Upgrading curriculum to what’s needed today
  • Encouraging choice led-learning and making connections
  • Synchronizing teaching and learning
  • Concentrating on the gift each child possesses

A New Paradigm of Education honors the true intelligence that comes from inner knowledge, which has sometimes been missing in previous paradigms. Now, you can dig deep into these eight stories and find ways to improve how you choose to educate as the world changes!

“Jen Zashis doing important work at the intersection of mindfulness, parenting, and connection. An accomplished psychologist and seasoned mindfulness practitioner, she combines her years of expertise in education with a caring and matured heart, a potent combination for transformation. You’re in good hands with Jen.”

~ Cory Muscara, Host of Mindfulness.com and Author of Stop Missing Your Life.

“Anesh Daya’s chapter about his On the Spot coaching methodology for language learners is all the things a traditional classroom environment is not. Its focus on direct, practical guidance and feedback for motivating learners, and use of communication in real-life scenarios is truly credible… well incredible.”

~ Gabriella Kovács PCC, Language and communication coach, teacher trainer, co-founder of the International Language Coaching Association.

“Trudy Keating’s story delves perceptively into the very real shortcomings of the British education system and outlines to parents, teachers, and educators why it simply does not have to be this way. Putting the child above all else, Trudy explains how her learning journey is inextricably linked with that of her pupils’ education and well-being. Insightful and honest, her account has the power to catalyse real change… where happiness is within every child’s reach.”

~ Alistair Kingston, Teacher and Composer.

“Janet Ver Fine’s PhD, The Synchronicity of Learning truly takes the reader on a synchronistic experience through her wisdom and background in how a child can learn through this. A must-read for any educator or parent in how to help your child explore and learn from nature!”

~ Magriet Potgieter-Write and Shine, PR, Media, Branding Coach, Author and Speaker.

“Carrie Jeroslow’s chapter gave me a new perspective on educating my own children and ideas for my own classroom environment. I love the idea of manifesting your own reality and giving skills to children to paint their own reality. With your curriculum, if you believe in doing it, you can do anything! It’s a win-win!”

~ Jennifer Willard, Art Educator.

“Innica Lane’s poignant story captures the calling many of us are experiencing during this global shift toward our evolution. As an educator this vision deeply resonates, having made the choice to leave my mainstream teaching career and venture onto an authentic soul-led path of teaching. Innica’s reflections inspire us all to see life as our school, experiences as lessons, relationships as teachers, and our inner wisdom as truth.”

~ Suzanna Tongurian– Mother, Teacher, Coach.

“The heart that these educators are conscientiously addressing the need for a long-overdue revamping in the approach to education is inspiring. I have seen first-hand a lack, discord and a need for a connection of body, mind and spirit. Many adults that came from the old paradigm of education have found themselves living overall limited or unfulfilled lives. Angelica Heed’s chapter will open your eyes to new ways”

~ Holly Brunner, Teacher, Holistic Coach, Co-Founder of ichoosesoul Consulting.

“Monique Sayers has a strong heart for children. I love how this book was birthed through a higher-consciousness as this is the key to a new paradigm on Earth. The interview questions are profound, and have the power to make radical changes for our world and children. The new paradigm of education is the future for our children”

~Mia Munro – The Human Re-Invention Academy.

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